Lovely walled village and best campsite – Florence, Tuscany, Italy

We had a lovely walk around Monteriggioni this morning on the icy ground, it did not take too long though as it was all closed. We did not get the coffee we were looking for. Luckily we had ventured out last night and managed to get a fabulous meal in the only restaurant open on a Monday night, always a tricky day for eating out.

Restaurant in Monteriggioni

Kev had wild boar ragu linguine and and enormous t-bone (which the girls got to enjoy a magnificent doggie bag from), I had a pumpkin flan (more like a soufflé starter and ravioli with ricotta and porcini mushrooms with a spinach reduction. All in front of a log fire in a lovely 13th century building and if that is not enough, we also happen to be in the Chianti region so a fabulous glass of red to wash it all down.

This morning we will still full so just a coffee and some fruit were quite enough. We had ice on the skylights but we were cosy warm inside. Lola cleared all the steps to get back into a cosy bed by the warm air vent after her morning ablutions 😂.

Cold start this morning

Thankfully there was free electric included in the sosta we were staying last night as we are down to our last LPG bottle. We pulled in at three petrol stations yesterday to try and get LPG at the services on the main road and each time they refused to fill them into anything except a dedicated LPG tank for propulsion of the vehicle only. This is strictly supposed to be the rules everywhere but we only previously been refused a fill once before. We were hoping it was just the motorway stations which were pedantic about it, as everywhere you go in Italy you have to have an attendant fill LPG, it is not self service.

This morning then after a good spring clean and services on the van and a stop off at Decathlon for some bits, we went in search again. The first petrol station had cones up at their GPL pumps as we guessed it was empty. The second the self service pumps only were available and all the shutters on the shop seemed to be permanently down so no attendants. At the third, again no attendants. A helpful local said it was for siesta and the sign on the door said it would be 3pm before they reopened. We decided to head to the campsite near Florence we had found and try again after we leave.

We checked in at the campsite and asked the receptionist about LPG and she was not sure about that. However she did know that petrol station attendants are all going on strike tonight 😨! Hopefully they will be back to work soon.

On the positive side this is the plushest campsite we have ever been to. Except perhaps Heligan Gardens campsite in Cornwall. All the facilities are brand new and spotless. Heated shower and toilet block – first one we have seen over here. There is a brand new laundrette, shop and bar / restaurant on site plus shuttle bus into Florence. We have been enjoying the facilities here this afternoon and will head in for our Florence sightseeing tomorrow.

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