Back online – Pompei, Calabria, Italy

We have had a couple of unplanned maintenance days caused by an issue with the ignition on our Mercedes requiring us to attend a main dealer here in Italy. They were super helpful and have resolved the issue and it is working better than ever. We had a few other jobs which were also due so decided to make the most of the rainy weather and get those done too.

So we have had a couple of days in the lovely little town of Morano Calabro which was a happy accident. It has been very wet most of the time though, so would not have been ideal for visiting Pompei, our next stop.

This morning we finally got back on the road to Pompei, leaving Morano Calabro under a perfect vivid rainbow 🌈 . Clearly much more rain to come, though the mountain tops have become dusted with snow since we arrived. As we cross the mountains it hit 3.5 degrees C, with snow both sides. We had heard there could be snow on the way.

There were many other lovely looking hilltop villages and beautiful mountain views in this part of Italy. We will definitely have to explore further in the future.

So, we are now parked up at a campsite opposite Pompeii archeological site, sounded by orange trees. Washing and supermarket shopping done when we arrived. Guided tour for Pompeii booked tomorrow, though sadly we may still need an umbrella ☔️.

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