Moving South – Baradili, Sardinia, Italy

A leisurely start this morning after a very late night reassuring Lola as fireworks continued through the night. I heard the last ones at around 7am, which sounded almost like thunder to our half asleep minds. However it was a gloriously sunny morning as the various campers gradually emerged from behind their shutters.

We decided to take a walk around the town in the sunshine after breakfast, finding there were several other campers in various spots dotted around the town on any spare bits of land. The cafés were full of locals drinking espressos in the sun. When we got back to the van most of the other campers had moved on and we thought perhaps we should do the same. We are due to catch the Sicily ferry from Cagliari on 7th January, so we decided to head a little south.

Walk round Fertili this morning

We both really just wanted a quiet night’s sleep so we searched around for a suitable spot. Our first stop was at Monastero Benedettino San Pietro di Sorres inland in the hills. It was another beautiful drive in the sunshine passing more motorhomes than we have seen since we arrived in Sardinia, especially around Alghero.

We had a slight delay on our final run into the Monastry as a car is recovered from the ditch across the road in front of us. Perhaps one of last night’s revellers?!

Slight delay on route

The Monastry is in a beautiful spot at the top of a hill as they often are. The lovely little hilltop villages of Thiesi and Borruta on route. It is wonderfully silent in the carpark to the Monastry, but for the occasional donkey call or cow bell. However the carpark is rather sloping and the signs suggest that the Monastry is still in use with several cars parked in the inner carpark. We think it is rather cheeky to park here for the night as others report doing previously in the camping app. We have lunch and decide to move on.

Borruta perched on the side of the hill

We head across country through more pretty villages deciding to do some more miles and head to a network of municipal sostas that have been set up in small villages inland to encourage cycle tourism. We just feel like having an authorised spot we can sleep easy.

So another 1-2 hours of relaxing driving on the quiet roads in the beautiful sunshine, just the frequent avoidance of potholes to keep us alert. We have been listening to Ben MacIntyre’s SAS Rogue Hero’s on Audible again, as it was our longest drive for a while, the kilometres just melted away.

We are now parked up in a lovely little village of Baradili. The Northampton Saints v Harlequins game put on as soon as we were parked up and levelled. A quiet night in and an early night to catch up on some lost sleep.

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