Pottering – Porto San Paolo, Sardinia, Italy

This early start again for breakfast this morning before a cycle out at dawn. As we had plans to move up the coast later today. I plotted a route which would take me up hill to a small village called Padru, which we are planning to visit next week. Sadly I had not learned the previous days lesson and had issues with getting my bike tires pumped up enough with my tiny micro pump. After 9 miles I thought I must have an issue with the seal on the rim and headed back.

Sunrise at Spiaggia Isuledda

However, at least I had managed to get a little up the hill burn, offsetting a bit of Italian food from the day before. When I got back I borrowed Kev’s pump and hopefully tyres now sorted for a longer ride tomorrow, as I feel I have to get to Padru now!

Kev had had a good walk with the dogs when I got back and we had a nice coffee before heading from our private beach camp out. We were in need of services and decided to try out a chain of privately owned “sostas” (Italian name for aires / motorhome parking) with a site in Porto San Paolo just up the coast.

First off, we had to call in at the cheap fuel station I spotted on my bike, only €1.71 / litre for diesel, which is much cheaper than we have seen for a while. It is however an extra 20c per litre if the attendant fills up for you. You have to pull up to the self service side of the pump and use the card machine to pay for the price on the roadside board.

Make sure you use the right side of the pumps for cheaper self-service prices

We arrived at the sosta in Porto San Paolo, I had pre-downloaded the InArea app and set up payment after Kev had read all the details in the reviews of people struggling with signal etc to set it up while they were there. Therefore when we arrived, I just had to scan the QR code at the gate and the barrier opened, a neat system. The facilities appear to be fairly newly built, based on Google maps images and it is all immaculate and working well. We are impressed and will definitely use them again as they have a number of sites through Italy. They have even placed a clothes airer at each pitch. All good for €15 / night.

We thought there were a lot of vans already in there, until we realised they were all hire motor homes that appear to be stored there. There is an office, though it was closed today, looks like it is all owned by the person with the house in front. Not a bad little business.

Next was lunch, a bit of spring cleaning, trip to the laundrette and Exeter v Bulls in Heineken Cup. It was dark by the time we had finished all that, so full exploration of Porto San Paolo will be tomorrow. However, there was quite a lively looking local bar near the laundrette which we will be investigating and hopefully we may even get some more lovely Italian food 🤞

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