Moderate wind again – Foxi Manna, Sardinia, Italy

We’ve had a quiet day in Foxy Manna. I had built myself up to an epic 40+ mile, 3900ft elevation, cycle up the mountainside for this morning. However we were woken at 4 am by the howling winds. This was another of the BBC weather app’s “moderate winds” that we have experienced previously, that are anything but. It was, however, a really warm wind with sunshine so still quite a nice day.

I did not relish though being blown off a hillside on my bike even with a warm wind. So we went for a beach walk with the dogs and stopped off off at the local cafe for a coffee. We missed the glass of grappa with our morning coffee as seems to be the more traditional local sharpener in the morning, at least with the older generation.

Clouds coming over the hills this afternoon

Back at the van, we spent this morning planning the next couple of weeks and how we might spend the festive season. We would not normally plan so far ahead, but as a number of things are likely to close at Christmas, we wanted to make sure we had something good planned. We have found quite a number of different stops over the next couple of weeks. We are pleased we have got the extra time here in Sardinia. Watch this space to find out more as we go!

Local Nuraghe from 1500-1365 BC on the hill top over looking the vineyard in Foxi Manna village

Otherwise it’s been a quiet day of beach walks with the dogs, reading, exercise, Italian lessons etc. We supported the local bar with a couple of beers this evening, a number of locals drifted in and out. Great that it is kept open year round, in another community with not just empty holiday homes but lots of part built shells of houses.

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