Chia revisited and beach time – Nora (Pula), Sardinia, Italy

We were expecting some wet weather this afternoon based on the forecast and I was long overdue a bike ride. So I was on the road at first light, 07:30 this morning. I had belatedly realised last night I had inadvertently missed a nice coastal drive yesterday, having misremembered it was Chia to Cagliari which was nice, it is actually the SP71 from Porto Teulada to Chia which is the one to visit. Therefore, there was nothing for it but to cycle the 9.5 miles of long straight main roads back to Chia to rejoin the road this morning.

Morning bike ride

I did not make it all the way to Porto Teulada which would have been a 76 mile round trip, but I managed 40 miles and got some nice photos and a good workout. The roads were quiet early on a Saturday morning and there were some beautiful colours from the morning sun over the water. There is another tower at Chia like Torre del Castellazzo o di Santโ€™Efsio and what looked like a lighthouse further along the shore. Another lovely quiet and unspoiled bit of coastline. I passed a number of other groups of Italian cyclists as I head back who all offered a wave and a โ€œCiaoโ€ as we passed.

When I got back Kev had managed to do a number of jobs on the van. We have decided to stay here a bit longer, as despite the forecast, the sun has come out. We also realised there was one of our favourite supermarkets nearby in Pula – Crai Extra, so we decided to drive round so we could stock up on a few heavier items. We followed the one way system with cycle lane which seems common here into the centre of the busy and bustling little town of Pula. It was showing 24.5 degrees on the dashboard when we drove round ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜Ž๐ŸŒž

All stocked up with fresh supplies we had a lovely healthy salad for lunch. I decided to take the girls for a stroll on the beach afterwards to stretch our legs and quickly spotted the beach bar had also opened for the weekend complete with deckchairs. After a bit of digging and stick chasing we decided to get Kevin from the van, put some shorts on and join in ๐Ÿ˜Ž

So completely unexpectedly, we got a couple of hours sat on the beach this afternoon in the sun. There were a quite a few people milling around enjoying the weather. Obviously all the locals were in coats etc whilst we were in shorts, but very happy to enjoy a bit of sun on 3rd December. There are some sand badminton type courts which have been busy with people playing since last night, a few optimistic surfers in the little bit of swell lapping on the shore. Thankfully we did not get any rain but a bit of cloud came in later on and we retired back to the van.

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