At our own leisure – Spiaggia di Campu Sali, Sardinia, Italy

When we set out on this trip, as we are expecting to be away a little longer we took the decision not to move everyday so we could get to incorporate more of our usual daily home lifestyle while on the road. It also means not eating out and drinking everyday as you might on a week’s holiday but is less sustainable on a 3 month plus trip.

Morning coffee important part of the daily routine

So today we stayed put on our idyllic personal camp spot by the beach. We walked the dogs along the beach. Kev got his fishing rods out and fished along the shoreline, not so many fish in the Med as in Cornwall though sadly. I did my Duolingo lessons and read a bit more of my Economics book.

The sun came out mid morning and I headed out on my bike to Marceddi to revisit the big estuary we saw driving here and take a cycle over the long bridge to the other side. I had to cycle fast going through the village when the two dogs lazing outside the village bar decided to give chase 😮 Thankfully with a bit of downhill assistance I out ran them. Though it was then uphill for the first 2.5 miles. 🥵

It was another pleasurable switchback coast road, a bit of a steady trip in a motorhome the day before, much more fun on a bike. Though with 2,422ft elevation change it to gave me a good workout. There was not a lot to see in Marceddi over the long concrete bridge but I stopped for a few photos and a drink. I think I saw 4 cars on the entire 28 mile trip. Although I did have to slam my brakes on on the way back for four beautiful black lambs dashing across the road to catch up with their mothers, as the farmer moved his small flock.

Kev had a walk into the village when I got back but reported there was nobody much around. I did a bit of yoga to stretch off, overlooking the beach and Kev got his fishing rod again to have another try.

That has pretty much been our day, very relaxing. The forecast for tomorrow looks a bit wet so we will take the opportunity to drive a little further south. We are on the coast which gets the prevailing weather currently.

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