Pressing Pause – Castellane, Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, France

Castellane has become a bit sticky. We got up and walked the dogs along the river via the 15th century Pont du Roc. We strolled into town for a coffee at our new favourite café where all the locals hang-out. Bought some fresh bread. Leisurely breakfast.

Perhaps took a peek or two online at the, by U.K.-standards, very cheap local property. A sit out on the chairs in the shade. Caught up on my French lessons. Discovered Peter Mayle wrote two more books in a series after A Year In Provence and download to Kindle. 😁🤓

We were due to go to Digny today along the Route de Napoleon. However somehow the thought of leaving Castellane made us a little slow moving and before we knew it it was late afternoon and it really didn’t seem worth moving. Especially after a few hours of driving yesterday. Kevin reminded me this is what people do on holiday. I had been contemplating rafting, parascending, canyoning etc. for travelling entertainment however somehow the day has gently and slowly filled itself.

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