Campsite Time – Mataró, Barcelona, Spain

After yesterday’s full on day of over 21,000 steps today we had vowed to give mainly the dogs but also ourselves a day off. Every time we go to campsites we see all these people sat round relaxing but we seem to have struggled to achieve that level of wind down yet. We tried it the day before yesterday and I ended up spring cleaning the van in 30 degrees heat. So far today Kev has taken the van over to the service bay where he was allowed to wash it and this time dry it off so we do not have a streaky black cab. I have been busy catching up on blog writing and researching. We have also been planning our forward trip. We got a visit from and English guy who has been resident for 20 years in Spain and his son, here for a camping trip. They stopped to admire the van and stayed for an hour chatting, Sam, the son, desperate for a dog was monopolising Lizzy and Lola attention 😁

Plan for this afternoon is the pool, not for a leisurely dip but for a 1/2mile – 1 mile swim. We are also trying to coordinate meeting up with our friends Pete and Cheryl in France hopefully tomorrow. There is so much more to see in Spain and we will pass some lovely places like Gijon. However, the original purpose of this trip was to see the South of France (until we diverted for some Spanish sun) which we did not see on our last trip and if we do not get a move on we will not see it on this trip either.

Ironically, the weather is looking wet in Lagrasse, where we are headed in France on Tuesday. So to an extent the jury is still out a little on the forward plan. We have 5 weeks left of our 90 days and it is a real dilemma how to use it as there is so many great places to see.

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