Segway fun then run for the coast – Nerja, Andalusia, Spain

This morning we were booked in for a 9am Segway tour of Seville! It seemed the perfect and quick way to see the city and cooler than trying to walk round in the heat. We were booked in early to avoid the worst heat and mercifully there was a bit of cloud this morning so it was a cooler start.

We arrived early at the address given for our tour only to find it all closed up and no one around. We waited until 9am and still no one there, so called the mobile number on the window and were told they would ring our guide and call us back. Two minutes later we got a call to say that our guide has called in sick but another one was on the way and would be with us in 20 mins and go and get a coffee. Disappointed but pleased it was not cancelled completely, luckily we went down a little side street to find a really cool locals coffee shop where we got the world’s strongest expresso and a sandwich. Happily our guide Antonio was there not much later and we were fitted out with helmets and taught how to ride a Segway on the quiet street outside by Antonio. The Segway moves forward if nothing is in front of it so you have to keep a hold on it, step on straight, then lean forward to go and lean back to stop. Lean the handle over to turn. It sounds simple but takes a bit of balance to operate it. It is also really good fun! It turns in it’s own axis and feels super nippy. Uneven ground is a bit unnerving and there are a few cobbled streets in Seville. It actually gives you quite a good core and leg workout balancing on it. However we were both grinning like kids and discussing if we could fit two in our garage, could we carry the dogs in backpacks with the first 10mins! We definitely want one each! Although I don’t think you are allowed to use them in the UK except on private land.

The tour was great, Antonio was perhaps not the most well researched guide we have had but he knew all the main sites and could finally tell us what all these buildings were we had been looking at. Definitely doing it on Segway was well worth it and made it a really fun day, though it took a big of balance to take photos so they may not be the quality you are used to. There is soo much to see in Seville we could definitely fill another week here with things we did not get to see this time. Photos below of the sites we did get to.

La Giralda tower from Plaza del Triunfo
Entrance to Real Alcázar where Game of Thrones was filmed
Not a great photo but this was a Royal Tobacco Factory, the first in Europe owned by Queen of Spain, now the University. Was the 2nd largest building in Spain when built
Christopher Columbus Monument

After our tour we dashed back to check on the girls and hit the road. We had decided to head to the coast after scorching temperatures in Sevilla (39.4 degrees at 20:15!). We had looked at the forecast in a few places and anywhere on high ground looked hot. So we decided to save the Pueblos Blancos of Andalusia for our next trip and head straight to Nerja which had been recommended and was a perfect 24 degrees. We arrived late afternoon into a lovely little campsite and the weather is perfect.

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