Chores Day – Peniche, Portugal

We walked with the dogs along the shore at Foz do Arelho this morning between rain showers. We had at least got to experience a fantastic meal of fresh seafood at Europa restaurant the night before with fantastic views out to sea and a beautiful sunset.

We used the services at the camping spot as we left and headed to Peniche. We decided not to stop at Óbidos, a walled city on the way though we could see it across the valley from the road. We easily found the very secure camping at Peniche behind a large brick wall. Straight after we pulled up another British van pulled in that we were chatting to as they decided to ignore their satnav and follow us, guessing we were headed here. They had been to Óbidos and really didn’t like it, so perhaps that was a good call. They also have dogs and we were sharing tips on where to visit.

The campsite is not very scenic but it is 5 minutes from the beach and it has all the services we need today mainly a laundry and also a motorhome washing station. We have therefore been doing laundry, quick fresh food top up at Aldi 5 mins away and also trying to book our next few days in Lisbon.

It is a little cloudy today but it is due to be hot for a week from tomorrow. So we have been debating how best to tour with / without dogs whilst keeping them cool. Added to this there is lots to see outside Lisbon in neighbouring Caiscais and Sintra which are only 20-30mins drive from Lisbon. There is a number of carpark type options for parking but with limited shade and also there were lots of reviews online about the level of motorhome break-ins in Sintra particularly. Therefore, we have decided to head to a campsite inbetween the three places and use that as a base. We also now have a walking tour in Lisbon and a tuk tuk tour of Sintra and Caiscais booked which should be fun!

We had a three mile walk round Peniche early evening with the dogs. It is an old fortified town, with some nice features but sadly also pretty run down in places.

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