And now the Shipping Forecast, issued by the Met Office – Fisterre, Galicia, Spain

Today’s morning walk in A Coruña, took us down the long breakwater which protects A Coruña harbour and down memory lane as it the very clear memory we both have of our previous visit by boat in 2008 is walking to the end. It is an impressive over 1.5 mile round walk to the end of the breakwater and back from the marina where we are parked. It’s an impressive structure, we were trying to work out where we were moored. We watched a couple of yachts go out including a catamaran, similar to the one we sailed out 14 years before, however, watching them pound into the heavy ground sea when they got round the breakwater put an end to our nostalgia!

We have had enough of the big city and reached the edge of northern Spain, so time to head south along the coast to Finisterre, a lovely little coastal village along the coast. Home of a region of the Met Office forecast we listened to so often in our scuba diving days, or so I thought…

Except for now I just found out that the the Met Office have now renamed the region Finisterre to Fitzroy after Robert Fitzroy, first professional forecaster, captain of HMS Beagle and the founder of the Met Office. Also Cape Finisterre is also apparently not the western most point of Europe either as the “end of the earth” name suggests from Roman times, that is in Portugal. There is however, plenty more reasons to visit this lovely little seaside village. The journey here, despite a couple of wrong turns escaping A Coruña was uneventful but pretty, with a surprising amount of woodland we somehow did not think of for Spain.

We managed to get into the small secure parking spot on the edge of town over looking the bay and the beautiful white beach of Playa de Llagosteria. The lovely and friendly attendant explained in Spanish about facilities, entrances etc which I mostly followed. We wondered down into town, fortuitously just in time for a late lunch 😁😋. The restaurants are all centred around the port area, with its large fishing fleet. A lovely seafood feast was enjoyed.

There is some nice walks to do to the lighthouse and Cape Finisterre so it looks like we could be here for a couple of days.

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