Walking the wall and Crossing the Line – A Coruña, Galicia, Spain

Today started early with another run for Lola. Lizzy and I to reconnoiter the Roman wall around the old town. We attempted to run around the inside of the wall however there are many buildings built against the wall and not a clear walkway. So we dived down alleyways, popped out of some of the 10 gates built into the wall and came in at the next one. There is sadly a lot of derelict buildings within the confines of the wall and it certainly looked like we have found the best bits yesterday by chance. Originally the wall house Lugo and 10 other villages. Now it is very much a mixed architecture within, sadly many not very sympathetically planned.

After breakfast it was time for some provisioning so we head to the large Carrefour supermarket which was quite close. This was our favourite supermarket brand in our sailing days and we were keen to revisit. It looked to be a pleasant walk to the supermarket via the old Roman bridge over the river Minho.

We returned into Lugo early afternoon to walk the wall, 2.2km walk around the top of the Roman wall, passing 10 gates and 70 towers. The wall itself is well preserved and it is magnificent to think you are walking on 2000 year old footsteps. Two emperors of Rome were born in Hispania, Trajan and Hadrian, and Lugo was the capital of Hispania in its day. However, sadly, the town itself no longer enjoys that level of prominence or prosperity and we clearly saw the best of it yesterday.

After a spot of lunch, we decided to move on to our next location, A Coruña, our last on the north coast of Spain. However, really important for us as we are crossing our own travel line from when we sailed across the Atlantic in 2008 (see Sailing Menu option for the blog). Our first stop in our new boat from collecting in La Rochelle, France was here in A / La Coruña having crossed the Bay of Biscay.

So, 1 hour drive from Lugo to A Coruña, and we pulled up in the Marina where we previously stayed that now allows motorhome parking and use of their excellent facilities. Just waiting for the rain to stop and we will go and explore.

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