Oyster Survey – Gujarat-Mestras, Arcachon, France

After the first uninterrupted nights sleep for a few days for all, I at least had a nice lie in. Kev and the girls had a nice walk through the woods. Today we planned to go back to the Oyster sellers on the shore of Arcachon Bay. However as that was not until lunch, we had a few jobs to do first. Having laundry facilities at the campsite, my first job was strip beds etc for laundry. Meanwhile we had spotted a camping supplies shop, so Kev headed off on his bike just a little up the road to get a few bits and pieces.

One load of laundry done and dried, it was time to head off to the seashore. This time due to reconnaissance from Kevin on his walk we manage to follow the cycle path all the way into town. The Pétanque players are out again, as they were the night before at the club which seems to be the centre of the social scene locally, for the men at least. There are Oyster producers and sellers along the shore, in small wooden huts. Some have converted the outside area to a restaurant. The huts line the jetty which sticks out into the bay, the other small villages and towns visible in the distance across the water.

We chose the last restaurant at the end of the jetty and a seat over looking the water. The sun is shining and hardly a cloud, though it is only about 16 degrees it is pleasantly warm. A huge seafood platter is ordered with some local wine. There is a group of 6 French beside us doing the same and the eat with all the time in the world, chatting sociably for a leisurely lunch and we vow to learn to be more French. So, we have a unhurried lunch in the sun, watching the gulls diving for fish as the tide recedes, then moving to worms as the mud is exposed. We can see for miles across the bay and all is peaceful but for the gentle chatter of the other diners. Lizzy and Lola sunbathe at our feet.

Eventually it is time to head back on our bikes, trying to retrace our successful cycle path route back. Some more laundry to do this afternoon and then all jobs done we have some more exploring tomorrow to Europe’s biggest sand dune.

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