Third Time Lucky – Castelsarrasin, France

Today we were looking for a stopping off point on route to Bordeaux. It looks like there is some nicer weather coming and we decided to head there for it. We set off for an Aire at Saint-Nicolas-de-la-Grave in a country park with nice cycle routes and dog walking. When we arrived we had to carefully negotiate our way through two boulders inexplicably placed to make the entrance rather narrow and tricky. When we got into the barrier, we found there were a family of 10 feral cats and only one other motorhome which left shortly after. We pulled into the service point to take on water, dump grey and black water etc. We easily pulled into a spot and connected up to electric point. At this point Lola gets her first view of a cat, queue high pitch squealing and desperation to get out. All the blinds now up to calm Lola’s frantic prey drive response. At this point Kev comes back to say the electric point has been vandalised and isn’t working. A mosquito comes into the van with him. It feels very much like this is not the place to be as I have to physically restrain Lola every time the door opens.

Onwards to Castelsarrasin, only 10mins drive and a choice of 2 Aires. we head to the first, only to find a couple of concrete blocks and a barrier blocking our way. Off we go again to finally get into the third Aire, by the canal. Phew, we take the dogs along the canal to stretch their legs and manage the whole route without cat sightings. Phew. Time to watch some more rugby.

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