At the Mediterranean – Palavas-les-Flots

We headed out of Remoulin under grey skies, but hopeful of a change in the weather later in the day and headed to the coast. Neither of us had visited the French Mediterranean coast before and thought we ought to try. Therefore we picked a small resort town south of Montpellier, with an Aire at a yacht marina. Blue skies were beginning to peep through by the time we headed off the autoroute to Palavas-les-Flot, though clearly they had had the same heavy overnight rain as the roundabout to turn to the marina was flooded.

We were asked to go and pick a spot on foot on arrival due to our longer motorhome however we soon found a drive through slot big enough to fit us in. It is a big Aire, easily 70-100 vans and many of the spaces were taken. Keen to see what they had all come for, we headed to the sea as soon as we were parked up. It is unfortunately a rather charmless, concrete resort town, proving that it is not an English preserve, the tacky seaside resort. It at least did not have amusement arcades and beach donkeys, however, we decided quickly it was not really our kind of place. We had booked in for 2 days though, but planned a cycle trip on the direct cycle route along the inland sea to Montpellier for our second day.

We had a coffee alongside the harbour / canal which was filled with fishing boats, though none seemed to be doing any fishing. The beach had a few people, but dogs were not allowed so we walked on by. There was some sort of tv programme being filmed at the front which caused a bit of interest to the locals. We did not recognise anyone involved though, assume it being a local French tv show. Lola may have got a cameo barking appearance when seeing off a lazy pigeon but I think the rest of us did not.

We headed to the supermarket, 20 mins walk out of town only to find it closed. Apparently it was All Saints Day, ah well, try again tomorrow. We thought at least we would get a nice seafood dinner in the evening and headed in for the usual French dining time of 7pm, however, being out of season many of the restaurants were closed. We did manage to find Moules Marinière for Kevin, but it was a little disappointing compared to the more local / less tourist French cuisine we have had recently. However, it appears to be only us that are underwhelmed with the local area, as there were literally 15 motorhomes waiting in the road to get in the Aire (you have to pay at reception on entry) in the afternoon. Hopefully Montpellier will prove to be nicer tomorrow.

One thought on “At the Mediterranean – Palavas-les-Flots

  1. We didn’t see much of the French coast but were under whelmed at what we saw. Salt marsh inlets are not welcoming. We were at Peyriac De Mer with clouds of mosquitos and Las Cabanas De Fleury which was better.


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