Due South – Remoulin, France

Another 571km south yesterday, already when we stopped at a motorway Aire it was 20 degrees and we were reaching Warmer weather. We went past Lyon in Friday afternoon traffic, the whole journey taking a bit longer than planned. We crossed the Rhône four times on the journey, which did not seem the most expedient route for the motorway, however at last we reached the south of France. After a long day driving between us, we went into the rather unassuming small town of Remoulin for dinner. After concluding there was not going to be anything immediate on a French menu I could eat, we decided to try Bistrot d’Anaë. They welcomed us, including the dogs and we had some exceptional food, wonderful wine grown only 5km away, we love France 🙂

As was forecast, the large low pressure system affecting all of Northern Europe hit moments after we arrived from the restaurant yesterday. It has rained very heavily ever since. I collected fresh baguette for breakfast from the Boulanger and we got to eat it still warm. We then watched last night’s rugby and saw Exeter finally turn it around against Gloucester.

We are in a private Camping Car Aire, which meant we were able to pre-book our slot with our membership on the way down yesterday. There were still a few spaces when we arrived after 6pm, however by nightfall it was full. Today, many have moved on. I guess many stop to see the Pont du Gard and carry on. It was a relief anyway to know we could get in and not have the risk of searching fir somewhere else after a long day of driving.

As the rain was non-stop and Lizzy has decided to turn around to go home when we attempted a walk. We decided to try the beautiful looking Moulin restaurant next door for their Formula à Midi however after heading out with our umbrella. However all seemed to be closed up, so, to their amusement we ended up at Bistrot d’Anaë again. Another wonderful meal and with my increasing confidence with spoken French, we could chat a little.

River Gardon this morning

When we headed back across the river after lunch, it had risen by several feet due to the persistent rain. Hopefully tomorrow it will ease so we go and see the Pont du Gard. Until then, Northampton v Leicester will keep us amused listening to the rain on the roof.

River Gardon after lunch

2 thoughts on “Due South – Remoulin, France

  1. You are as far south in France as you can get, which direction do you favour next for better weather? Easttward and a little further south or westward into Spain?


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