Heading South – Belfort, France

After the rapidly decreasing temperatures of the last few weeks and now our overlanding research tasks were done. We have made the decision to head south to get some warmer weather and we will keep going until we get some 🙂 We realise we risk missing many sites on the way, but there are better seasons to visit this area and we only have a few more weeks until our Brexit 90day clock stops. Therefore, we have decided to get a few miles under our belts in a couple of big hits. We have used up Joe Marler’s audiobook, so today James Haskell kept us company. We did a 611km run south today taking us back across our German route and over the Rhine once more into France. Disappointingly, not only was there no border checkpoints now, but not even a sign to say you were now in France, just the road signs changing language. We pulled up into the free Aire in Belfort around 5pm, after dog walks, dinner and blog writing, we had a quick walk into town in the dark to stretch our legs but we could see little of the large citadel fortification which dominates the skyline as it is now a museum and closed for the night.

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